The sinuses

The sinuses are a combination of large and small air pockets in the face. They are connected to the inside of the nose and help to optimise the temperature and humidity of the air reaching the lungs. They also provide some resonance to the voice. The sinuses can become infected, commonly after colds. The symptoms are usually nasal obstruction, facial pain and congestion, catarrh, post nasal drip, headaches, disturbance in the sense of smell and sometimes toothache.

Treatment of sinusitis

In most cases sinusitis can be treated effectively by medication and correcting any underlying cause such as allergies. If conservative treatment fails then surgery may be considered.

Surgical treatment of sinusitis

There have been great improvements in the surgical treatment of sinusitis over the last few years. The main principal of surgery now is to conserve as much as possible of the normal lining of the nose and the sinuses, which is achievable thanks to the new surgical techniques. Minimally invasive surgery (FESS) is now the standard of care and the aim is to restore the normal mucus flow between The sinuses and the nose by adjusting the anatomy of the affected area.

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