D1010 Radical Mastoidectomy
D1020 Modified Radical Mastoidectomy
D1040 Simple Mastoidectomy
D1060 Revision Mastoidectomy
D1440 Combined Approach Tympanoplasty
D1420 Myringoplasty
D1510 Grommets
D1520 Suction Clearance ME
D1530 Myringotomy
D1610 Ossiculoplasty
D1710 Stapedectomy
D2040 Tympanotomy


E1330 Middle Meatal Antrostomy
E1432 FESS
E1460 Trephining of Frontal Sinus
C2542 DCR
W2620 MUA Nose
E0230 Septorhinoplasty
E0340 Closure Septal Perforation
E0360 Septoplasty
E0412 SMD
E0420 Turbinectomy
E0440 Division Adhesions Nose
E0810 Polypectomy
E2010 EUA Post Nasal Space


E2010 Adenoidectomy
E2480 Endoscopic stapling of Pharyngeal Pouch
F3400 Tonsillectomy (child)
F3440 Tonsillectomy (adult)
F3480 Adenotonsillectomy


F2620 Frenotomy (division tongue tie)


E3520 Microlaryngoscopy
G1900 Rigid Oesophagoscopy

Salivary Glands

F4410 Total Excision Parotid Gland + Preservation Facial Nerve
F4430 Partial Excision Parotid Gland + Preservation Facial Nerve
F4400 Excision of Parotid Gland other than F4410/F4430
F4440 Excision of Submandibular Gland
F5120 Open Extraction Calculus from Submandibular Duct


T8610 Biopsy/Sampling Cervical Lymph Nodes
T8700 Excision Biopsy Lymph Node for Diagnosis
T9400 Operations on Branchial Cyst
B0812 Total Thyroidectomy
B0813 Total Thyroidectomy inc Block Dissection of Lymph Nodes
B0830 Thyroid Lobectomy
B1012 Excision Thyroglossal Cyst
B1450 Parathyroidectomy

Skin Surgery

S0632 Excision of lesion (up to 3)
S0602 Wide local excision of skin cancer
S2500 Skin flap reconstruction
S3624 Full thickness skin graft


The North Hampshire ENT Partnership is a team of consultants specialising in a wide spectrum of diseases and disorders that affect the Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) including snoring and sleep disorders, cosmetic and skin surgery.


Our surgeons provide specialist care by drawing from the 50 plus years of combined NHS experience and the many areas of individual specialist expertise available within the partnership.


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