At your appointment

During your consultation it may be necessary to examine the ear, nose or throat in more detail. We use a special microscope to look in the ear for magnification and occasionally need to clean the ear with microsuction (a small vacuum device). We use small flexible endoscopes to examine the nose and throat in more detail, sometimes after a local anaesthetic spray – this is a painless and simple way of viewing the inside of the nose or throat. All of these techniques take only a few minutes and will not incapacitate you!


Audiogram – a hearing test may be necessary to measure the hearing level and can be carried out during the appointment. More specialised diagnostic tests of the ears may be carried out at a separate appointment.

Allergy tests – This may be arranged at a separate appointment. It involves placing small drops of solution on the forearm and scratching the skin to see if an allergic reaction occurs. Please avoid taking antihistamine tablets for at least a week before the test since they may interfere with the results.

Fine Needle Aspiration - some diagnostic information can be gained by drawing a sample of cells out of a lump using a small needle at the time of the appointment. The sample is analysed by cytologists.

X-Rays and Scans – X-rays, CT and MRI scans, Barium studies and Ultrasound scans are all available at the Hampshire Clinic and the Candover Clinic.


The North Hampshire ENT Partnership is a team of consultants specialising in a wide spectrum of diseases and disorders that affect the Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) including snoring and sleep disorders, cosmetic and skin surgery.


Our surgeons provide specialist care by drawing from the 50 plus years of combined NHS experience and the many areas of individual specialist expertise available within the partnership.


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