The feeling of a lump in the throat or a ‘Globus’ sensation is a common complaint. The cause is not fully known but is usually not serious. The symptom is more worrying in smokers and when associated with earache, difficulty in swallowing, weight loss, painful swallowing, or blood arising from the throat.

Patients with Globus are seen by the consultant in the clinic and will undergo a flexible endoscopic examination of the throat which is usually enough to exclude any serious condition. Sometimes further investigations are required including a Barium radiographic examination of the oesophagus, pH monitoring and manometry to investigate the function of the gullet. We are also one of the very few departments who can offer Transnasal Oesophagoscopy which is a new and minimally invasive examination of the lining of the oesophagus without the need for anaesthetic or sedation. We work closely with our Gastroenterology colleagues and often cross refer between specialties when required.


The North Hampshire ENT Partnership is a team of consultants specialising in a wide spectrum of diseases and disorders that affect the Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) including snoring and sleep disorders, cosmetic and skin surgery.


Our surgeons provide specialist care by drawing from the 50 plus years of combined NHS experience and the many areas of individual specialist expertise available within the partnership.


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