Rhinoplasty surgery (nose re-shaping) is performed for both cosmetic reasons and for functional reasons, for example a blockage of the nasal airways. Deformities of the nose can be present from birth or as the nose grows in adolescence or can be acquired by trauma.

Sometimes rhinoplasty is combined with a procedure called septoplasty, which involves straightening the partition or septum inside the nose. This may be performed to help the nasal airways or the shape of the nose.

Typical cosmetic reasons for rhinoplasty surgery are to straighten the nose, reduce the size of the nose, remove a hump on the nose, or change the appearance of the nasal tip.

Your surgeon will discuss with you how the nose should look in relation to your other facial features. It is important for the patient to understand that the goal of the surgery is not to achieve perfection but rather to improve the appearance, without giving an ‘operated on’ look to the nose.

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