Some children are born with one or both ears that are noticeably more prominent than normal. Usually this is as a result of a specific abnormality where one of the folds of the outer ear has not fully developed. It may be a characteristic of the family. This can result in teasing and bullying at school causing psychological distress to the child. If all agree that it is a significant problem then surgical correction is possible

What can be done?

Surgery is carried out to correct the deformities and set the ears back closer to the head. The result is a more natural look that allows the hair to be short and helps to restore confidence.


The operation is usually carried out after the age of 5 when cartilage has adequate strength to hold stitches. The goal of surgery is to achieve a natural look so perfect symmetry is unlikely. Some deformities are completely correctable. The majority of patients are very happy with the results of surgery.

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